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Amitav Purkayasta

Amitav Purkayasta

"Hello changemakers, you are at the right place from where you are going to take the first initiative to make an impact on the world. This is the time to show everyone that we too can rise from a regional level and leave our mark globally. So, let's move together step by step in search of a new beginning. Make the name of our institute glorious with us."

Join us to

Be a leader
on your campus

    Lead a team of like-minded students that want to change the world.

    Position yourself as a local leader in social entrepreneurship.

    Bring your community together to solve the world’s toughest social challenges.

Join an international

    Meet people from every
    corner of the world.

    Access to global network of experts.

    Build your own personal network.

real impact

    Catalyze ideas to actions.

    Empower students to solve the world's most pressing challenges through social enterprises.

    Find the next Hult Prize 1 million dollars idea.

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Hult Prize is the most prestigious group of driven, like-minded students, offering unparalleled opportunities and resources. Meet the team of passionate leaders bringing this global program to our university

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